Bra Care Guide

Bra Care Guide

8th Jun 2021

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When was the last time you washed and laundered that bra you're wearing right now? It’s a daunting task; washing, drying, storage. It’s alright, we understand. Here are some tips on how to properly care for - and love - your bra for years to come.


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There’s not an exact science behind when to wash your bra. We’re all guilty of wearing our favourites multiple times before popping it in the wash.

When washing your bra, you have two options: machine or hand washing. Be sure to check the tag on your bra before deciding. Generally, most bras can be machine washed, however hand washing your bras is always the better option!

Hand Washing

Gentle hand washing is ideal for your delicate items, helping them to retain their shape and last longer. Start by filling a clean sink with warm water, adding in a mild detergent and mix. Add your bra and let it soak for 20 minutes, gently squeezing it. Drain the dirty water and rinse your bra with clean, warm water. Repeat this process for your more worn delicates.

Hand Rinsing

Rinsing your bra is not the same as washing your bra. Rinsing your bra in the shower is a quick and convenient way to get the most out of your most loved garment.

Rinsing involves letting your bra rinse under clean warm water for about five minutes without detergent. A bra with padding often sees wear when it’s washed too often as the detergent breaks down the foam inside. Regular rinsing will cut down the amount of times you have to launder your favourite padded bra, preserving it as your favourite for a long time.

Machine Washing

We know that you’re a busy woman who barely has time to breathe, let alone hand wash a bra. Just so you know, machine washing your delicates is still okay - as long as you do it properly! Start by closing the clasps on your bra. This will stop those hooks from ripping up the material of the garment and ensures the underwire doesn’t bend. Placing the bra in a mesh bag will also prevent the material from tearing. If you’re washing multiple pieces at once, place bras with similar colours in a light load on a gentle cycle. Try not to use fabric softener or bleach, as the material used for bras is especially susceptible to damage and harsh chemicals like these will ruin them. When machine washing, cold water is your friend! Hot water can ruin the bra’s shape.


red bra on washing line

Proper drying and airing of your bra helps keep its shape. Try to avoid wringing and twisting the bra to get the water out of the padding - this only makes the cups mis-shapen. Reshape the cups and place the bra in-between two dry towels and roll it up. This way, all the water is pressed out, retaining the shape of the cup. Reshape again and either lay flat or hang from the center to dry. NEVER EVER put your bra in the dryer and NEVER iron it! Always air dry your bra to keep the elasticity in tip-top shape.



bras being stored correctly

Does your bra drawer look more like a tangled bunch of mess than an organised lingerie store? You just spent all this time lovingly hand washing and drying these beauties and you’re going to lose them under your old panties? Improving the way you store your bras can ensure their longevity. If you have moulded bras, stack the cups and place directly in the drawer. This will help retain the shape of the cup, rather than previously debunked methods like hanging your delicates on the door handle (yes, despite what you’ve been told, this is bad for your bra!). If your collection includes bras that are not moulded, the rules are somewhat the same. Fold the bra in half between the two cups and invert one of the cups. Fasten the clasps to prevent tearing of the fabric and stack the bras. Correct storage helps your bras retain their shape, keeps them looking fresh and new and makes it easier for you to find your favourite in a hurry!


Packing the bras you need for holidays can become annoying very fast. Sometimes it feels like you have to play puzzle games just to fit everything! Our best tip for packing bras when travelling is to sort yourself out with a travel bag made specifically for that purpose. They keep everything together perfectly and protect your garments better than any other method.

In Summary...

How To Wash and Care for Your Bra:

  1. Fill the sink with clean water
  2. Add a mild detergent & your bra
  3. Soak the garment for 20 minutes, squeezing the bra occasionally to clean
  4. Drain the dirty water and rinse the garment with clean warm water
  5. Roll the garment between 2 towels to squeeze excess water out of the padding
  6. Reshape the cups and lay the bra flat to dry
  7. Store your bras by stacking the cups in your lingerie drawer

Got some extra know-how? Don’t forget to tell us your laundry tips and tricks so we can help everybody extend their bra life.

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