Crop Top Bras

When we hear the word crop tops, we think of the words ‘comfy’, ‘everyday’ and ‘activewear’. That is all right, there are a great range of crop top style bras for lots of different uses. Our fitters especially love the Crop by Triumph as a ‘first bra’, for those young girls hitting puberty, whom may be a little bit embarrassed that they are developing breasts and are not ready or not needing to wear a proper bra yet. A crop top is a great way to transition them into a bra as they seem more like a top or cropped cami than a granny bra. ‘When it’s not quite cool to wear a bra yet, these are fabulous!’ - says Cathy, one of our senior fitters.

Another reason crop top bras are worn is purely for comfort. It’s for the times where you need to wear a bra but don’t want to feel like you are wearing a bra. Most of the time they are wire-free and made with smooth and soft fabrics. Our fitters often get ladies so relieved to be wearing something so comfortable that a lot of the time, they walk out of the shop wearing it. Crop top bras are very popular when exercising. Crop tops are considered softer and not as supportive as some other structured sports bras so they tend to be worn for low impact activities such as yoga, pilates and walking.

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