Why is one breast bigger than the other?

The majority of women do have one side larger than the other, it just depends on how great the difference is. However, when you are getting fitted for a bra you MUST always get fitted for the larger breast, otherwise you will get spillage or the two boob look. If there is a big difference between the two then you can get an insert for the smaller one to balance them out.

Why do underwires ALWAYS cut into me?

It is because it is the wrong shape for your body. You can have a bra that fits however if the shape is wrong, then the bra just won't work, it won't support you and it will be very uncomfortable. I am having problems with rashes under my breasts. A lot of women who get rashes under their breasts majority of the time is due to an incorrect fit. If you are not getting a lift from your bra and the back size is to big then it will rub creating a rash. Some ladies can also develop an allergic reaction to silicone banding along the inside of their bra. The silicone is predominately used in strapless bras to reduce slipping on the body. It would be best to avoid these if you react badly to silicone.

How do I wash my bra?

We recommend giving it a gentle hand wash, no vigorous rubbing. By looking after your bra you will maintain the shape so they stay comfortable, supportive and you will get great lift. Dry it by laying it out flat or hanging it up from the centre of the bra. The weight of a wet bra hung up by it’s end will cause it to stretch out of shape. All intimates contain elastane that will perish if dried in direct sunlight. Never put your bras in the clothes dryer. You can read all about how to care for your bra in our Bra Care Guide.

How long should a bra last?

That really depends on how many bras you own and how you care for them. Are you wearing them everyday or just on special occasions? A good quality bra that fits you well and is looked after should last you at least six months, after this time if it has been worn regularly it will start to lose it's firmness. Your body shape does and will change so you should always be aware of that. If you are going up and down in weight then your bra size will change as well. A change in weight as little as 4 kilos will alter your bra size.

Is your bust spilling over or bulging under the cup?

This is either cause by the cups being too small or the shoulder straps adjusted too tight or both.

Are the straps digging into your shoulders and leaving indentations?

You may need to loosen the straps or, try a larger cup size to reduce the tension and uncomfortable pressure.

Are the straps falling off your shoulders?

Most likely, the band size is too large and you will need a smaller band. It’s also possible that the bra has lost its elasticity. Try tightening the straps and doing up your bra on the tightest set of hooks. Narrow shouldered women will always have problems with the straps falling off their shoulders. For this we recommend trying bras with posture support panels or adjustable straps that can be crossed over. If your current bra doesn’t have either one of these options, our fitters can show you a few little accessories that can attach to any bra and solve your shoulder slipping issues for good.

Is the bra riding up your back?

The band is either too large or needs to be tightened. Adjust the band so it’s not so loose or you may need a smaller band size.

Example of a well fitted underband Example of a poorly fitted underband

Are the cups in your bra gaping?

If you’re not properly filling out the cup, then the cup size is too large and you will need a smaller size. It also may just be a matter of adjusting your bust. Put the opposite hand in the cup and pull your bust forward, as if you are pulling bust tissue out from under youir armpit to then sit in front of that side wire. This should feel a lot more comfortable and fill out the cup. The underwire in your bra is digging in or poking you. The cup size is probably too small and you will need a larger size or it’s the wrong shaped bra for you. Different styles of bras have different widths of wire. They will all sit differently on every body shape. If a narrow wire is sitting around a wide bust, it is going to be very uncomfortable and could cause your wires to come out or snap.

The wires keep coming out of my bra or snapping. Why?

Normally there are two causes: 1) You may be wearing the wrong size cup. Size fluctuations can be frequent, therefore it is important to be fitted at least once a year. 2) The bra has been machine washed or placed in a dryer causing pressure on a very delicate garment. This will cause buckling, stretching and pulling out of shape. A bra should be hand-washed and never put into the dryer.

The enamel paint is coming off the rings, hooks or eyes. Why?

This often indicates that the bra has been subjected to excessive heat ie. a dryer. At no time should a bra be placed in a tumble dryer. A bra should be allowed to dry naturally in the shade.

The fabric, straps or elastic is perishing or discolouring. Why?

This usually indicates, especially with maternity bras, that the bra has been subjected to washes in bleach, chlorine, excessive hot water/and or put in a dryer, resulting in deterioration of the fabric and/or elasticity. Direct sunlight for a period of time can also cause elastic to deteriorate quite quickly. Care instructions should be followed to avoid this occurrence.


We understand that garments can be subjected to manufacturer faults and poor workmanship. If you have any concerns regarding a product that you have recently purchased, we strongly advise you contact us and return it to our store for a detailed assessment by one of our staff members.